Chef Meal Project

Hospital Green Chef Meal Project

The way our food is produced, where it comes from and how we prepare it has significant impacts on the health and well-being of the environment, our communities, and the individuals that reside in them. As places of healing, hospitals have a unique opportunity to be models of wellness by preparing meals for patients, staff and visitors that are made with food produced and prepared in a way that is protective of the environment and public health.

Increasingly consumers are seeking food that is healthy for them and the environment. Hospitals can assist patients, staff and visitors in making good food choices by creating and labeling meals that meet certain sustainability and nutritional standards. The Hospital Green Chef Meal Project was developed in coordination with hospitals from across Oregon to create comprehensive meal standards and a label that means the same thing across health care facilities that implement the project.  Read more about the Project on the Hospital Green Chef Brochure, and view the meal standards: Oregon Hospital Green Chef Meal Standards.

View the April 17th Media Release announcing the rollout of the Hospital Green Chef Meal Label at Oregon Hospitals: Hospital Green Chef_Media Release 4.17.12

If you are with an Oregon Hospital click here to find out how your facility can get involved.


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